Benefits of Using a Push Lawn Mower

You cannot ignore the benefits of using a push lawnmower compared to gas and electric mowers. They are better for the environment than a gas lawnmower and I like using them for the great exercise they provide. It's a good way to help keep your body in shape without going through a rigorous exercise routine. Skip the daily workout on a day you need to mow the lawn instead.

Here are five more benefits of using best push lawn mower compared to a gas or electric mower:

1. Push mowers don't have engines with spark plugs that can burn out or starters that give out. I never have to worry about whether or not the mower is going to start due to their simple design. Even electric mowers have engines that often won't start.

2. Since they don't have engines they don't use gas or emit harmful emissions into the air making them much better for the environment than gas mowers. You won't be breathing in carbon monoxide while taking care of your lawn. That's something I can feel good about.

push lawn mower
push lawn mower

3. Push mowers are lightweight and easier to use than gas mowers. You don't need to pull to push them and it's easy to get into tight areas around shrubs and tree lines.

4. They are quiet so you don't have to worry about noise ordinances if you live in the city or mothering your neighbors if you like to mow at odd hours of the day or night.

5. Push lawnmowers are low maintenance and do a great job without ripping or tearing up the grass the way a gas mower can. The main thing that you need to do as far as maintenance is keep the blades sharp.

The Price is Right

The average price for a gas lawnmower is around $200 to $400 depending on which model you choose. The average gas tank holds about one quart of gas. If you fill the gas tank up four times when you mow it will cost you about $3.88 each time mow your lawn at the going gas prices. This equals out to approximately $30 a month.

The average cost of the electric mower is between $200 and $500. You don't have to worry about buying gas but you do need to take into account the cost of the electricity it will use when charging. A manual push mower will cost you neither gas nor electricity to operate and is completely green as it has no omissions and uses no natural resources to operate.

So the choice is easy when it comes to the benefits of using a push lawnmower.